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Soviet Union



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Alexei Daganov, Ivan Dovchenko, Artem Dimitrich, Soviet soldiers, Indiana Jones, Mutt Jones, Ben Murillo

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Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien, Creation Stone


Alexei's base

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Zlatoust is a city in the Soviet Union.

Alexei Daganov, Ivan Dovchenko, and his Soviet soldiers created a base segregated a little from the city. Their mission is to resurrect the skeleton of Joseph Stalin and their two artifacts, Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien and Creation Stone as far away from the public as possible. Their base consisted of The Forest Cutter, Alexei's Personal Car, the Soviet Cargo Truck, and a Soviet Motorcycle.

Before Alexei could start the Forest Cutter, they needed to get rid of Indiana Jones and his son, Mutt, as they eavesdropped. Artem Dimitrich saw the intruders and started fighting with Indy. Eventually, Artem dies and then comes Ivan Dovchenko and Alexei Daganov with their Soviet troops. Indy and Mutt surrender and are sentenced to be shot. As they are about to be shot, Ben Murillo comes and saves their lives. Alexei, Ivan, and their troops have already left by the time Indy and Mutt were rescued. Ben gave them the Soviet Motorcycle and off Indy and Mutt went to stop the soviet resurreciton.

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