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Simon "Steve" Carlson is a father of Ryan Carlson and a husband of Deborah Carlson.

Biography Edit

Early childhood years Edit

Simon Carlson was born in Germany. His father was an ex-World War 1 soldier which later inspired Simon to become a soldier.

As a teenager, he started military school to become a german soldier which he always wanted to be.

World War 2 Edit

The day finally broke out. It was war and Simon was ready for it. He fought and stayed in Germany.

During the war, he bumped into Deborah and it was love at first sight.

After the war Edit

After the war was over, Simon and Deborah decided to get married. They moved to United States of America to raise a family and start a new life. Simon changed his name to Steve to make it more appropriate for the U.S. After everything was settled, Deborah was pregnant with little Ryan Carlson. And after nine months of waiting for a family, the day finally came.

Little Ryan Carlson was finally born. That day was full of happiness but didn't last long. Soon after Ryan was born, Deborah died of childbirth. Steve was depressed and knew he had to take good care of little Ryan.

He treated Ryan differently then the other boys. Since Steve was an ex-World War 2 soldier, he treated Ryan brutally.

Ryan's collage years Edit

Appearences Edit

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