Roxanne Beaumont
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Her family, Blake, Gwen, and Mutt


Blake's girlfriend and whom Mutt has feelings for.

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Roxanne "Roxy" Beaumont is the daughter of Captain George Beaumont, a policeman in New Britain, Connecticut. She is the girlfriend of Blake Thompson who is Mutt Jones' archenemy. Mutt has feelings for her, which is one of the reasons the two are enemies.

Biography[edit | edit source]

family Life[edit | edit source]

Roxanne's parents were George and Marsha Beaumont. While Roxanne was a child Marsha was killed by a mugger. Ever since then George has been over protective of Roxanne.

Schooling[edit | edit source]

Roxanne goes to Marshall College along with Mutt Jones and Blake Thompson. Her best friend is Gwen Andrews. She is an exceedingly good student and near the top of her class.

Mutt Jones and Blake Thompson[edit | edit source]

Eventually Roxanne began to date Mutt's archenemy Blake Thompson, albeit not knowing that he was a criminal or the fact that he was in a biker gang. Mutt Jones has feelings for Roxanne, which furthers the rivalry between him and Blake.

After Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection, Blake hasn't been treating Roxanne very well. Mutt has been trying to be protetive of her and always ends up in a fight with Blake.

Tragedy[edit | edit source]

The morning Indiana Jones and Mutt were going to Poland their car was attacked by Soviet agents led by Claude Van Damme. Claude crashed his car into the limo Indy and Mutt were in killing CIA agent Ben Murillo. Eventually Claude and a group of the Soviets are confronted by Captain George Beaumont and a group of police officers starting a big gunfight. Eventually as Claude tried to escape through an alley George went after him. When George told Claude to freeze Claude grabbed his throat and strangled him to death.

Soon afterwards Officer Waylon Barnes, a fellow police officer of George that was at the gunfight, informed Roxanne of her father's death. Roxanne became depressed afterwards.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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