Randy Walker
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United States of America


Nazi Germany


Indiana Jones; Simon Ellis


Highly intelligent

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Randy Walker was a Gestapo agent who helped find the Sword of Attila the Hun and later the Veil of Veronica.


Early lifeEdit

Randy was born in Berlin, Germany, and became a Hitler Youth when he was smaller. He eventually joined the Nazi party when he was old enough and was valued because of his strong intelligence and awareness. This aided him in becoming an agent for the Nazi secret police Gestapo.

As a Gestapo agent, Hitler assigned Randy to get archaeological relics and artifacts. One of his first missions was to get the fabled Sword of Attila the Hun. Kraiser, a Nazi colonel, struck a deal with him for Randy to pretend to act with Indiana Jones, a rival archaeologist, and leave markers for Kraiser to follow.

Sword of AttilaEdit

Randy participated with Indy in finding the Coffin of Attila the Hun, after noticing the spear that marked the place. Randy helped Indy find the Sword in the coffin and the remains of Attila. However, after they found the sword, Kraiser showed up and both Randy and Kraiser took the sword.

However, Indy killed some of the Nazi guards and escaped on a small boat.

Museum of BerlinEdit

Randy eventually helped Kraiser half of the Map to the Veil of Veronica, which was put in a museum in Berlin.

Through a turn of events, Indy came in and escaped with both the map and a small child named Simon Ellis, who nearly died when Kraiser threatened to kill him.

Evaded againEdit

Later, Randy and Kraiser ordered several Nazi helicopters to pursue Jones. The helicopters succeeded in destroying Jones's helicopter, but Jones, Simon Ellis, and Sallah, who piloted the helicopter, escaped by jumping out of the chopper at the last moment. Randy and Kraiser met up with them, and Randy was sure they could get the map now and put an end to Jones.

However, through yet another turn of events, Randy was knocked out by Indy, and the map was yet again in Indiana Jones's possession.

Behind the scenesEdit

Randy Walker is portrayed by a Kenner Luke Skywalker action figure in the photonovel Indiana Jones and the Veil of Veronica. Randy's last name, Walker, is a reference to Luke Skywalker.


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