Nolan Hawke in 1947
Nolan Hawke
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August 10th 1915




May 2nd 1975




London, England


Indiana Jones, George Sullivan, Sammantha Hawke, Gwen Craye,Justin Hawke, Harvey O'Brian,Jack Ross


Lucius Craye, Silas Pike,Sergei Dechencov, Alexei Ninel, Hans Richter, Felix Faust, The Illuminati


Conor Jones

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Nolan Hawke was a treasure hunter and explorer most famously known as simply Hawke. Nolan was born in London, England in 1915. He and his sister Sammantha lived as pickpockets during the first few years of his life. When he was 12 years old, he and his sister were found by archaeologist Dr. George Sullivan after a botched attempt at a pickpocketing. Instead of turning the two children in, Dr. Sullivan took the two children under his wing and raised them himself. During Nolan's teen years, Dr. Sullivan took him on several expedtions around the world. He also had several encounters with world renowned archaeologist: Dr. Henry Jones Jr., better known as Indiana Jones. Nolan went on several adventures with Indiana, including an expedtion to Skull Island and a search for the legendary Mayan Talking Cross.

When World War 2 broke out Nolan and his friend Jack Ross joined the Royal Air Force. Nolan was present for several key conflicts including The Battle of Britain and The Invasion of Normandy. During the Battle of the Bulge Jack was killed in a firefight. Wracked with guilt over being unable to save his friend, Nolan sank into a deep depression that lasted for years.

After the war Nolan became a mercenary and a freelance treasure hunter. In 1947 Nolan was hired by MI6 agent Gwen Craye to search for the location of Jacob's Ladder, a legendary ladder that supposedly led to Heaven. Following that mission, Nolan and Gwen had an on-again off-again romance. Throughout his career he found many other famous mythological artifacts, including The Templar Treasure, The Crown of Nebtawi, Excalibur, The Fountain of Youth, and The Philosopher's stone which placed him in conflict with different groups across the globe.

In 1960, Nolan finally married Gwen. After years of adventure, the two finally settled down and had a child that they named Justin. Nolan lived a reletively quiet life, working as a librarian in London. In 1975 however, Nolan and Justin went on one last adventure together. This lead to a mad search to keep the legendary Rod of Aaron out of the hands of Nazis that escaped following World War 2. During the search Nolan was shot and killed by former SS Officer Hans Richter.


Early Life


Meeting George Sullivan


Teenage Years

College Years

Expedition to Skull Island

In 1937 Nolan and Indiana Jones were approached by US Army Intelligence agent Colonel Musgrove at Marshall College. The United States had recieved intelligence that Nazis had established a base on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. There were rumors that they were performing perverce experiments on the fauna on the island. He asked that Indiana and Nolan both accompany an expedtion to the Island to investigate what the Nazis were doing there. Musgrove then revealed that the island in question was known as Skull Island, the same island where the giant ape known as Kong was discovered 4 years earlier . Indiana recalled that the first time that explorers went to Skull Island it resulted in the deaths of dozens of people, including Kong's rampage through New York City. Indiana and Nolan turned to leave but Musgrove desperately said that they would be handsomely rewarded for accompanying the expedition. Indiana turned, and after some thought agreed.

Two days later the two traveled to New York City, where the ship: The Venture was docked. There they met Carl Denham, the film director who had engineered the expedition to Skull Island in 1933. Since the incident with Kong, Denham had fallen on hard times. Following the incident he was bombarded with lawsuits to such a degree that within a month he was almost bankrupt. In order to pay his debts he had accepted a position with the United States Army. When the intelligence was gathered about German activities on the Island the army asked him to lead the expedition to the island. Indiana noticed that Carl had a movie camera with him. Carl claimed that the camera was going to be used to document "evidence". He claimed that he was a changed man. Nolan was skeptical but they continued to tour the ship. Next they met Englehorn, the Captain of the Venture.

The Mayan Talking Cross

The Pirate Queen

World War 2

Enlisting in the RAF

The Battle of Britain

The Invasion of Normandy

The Battle of the Bulge

High Adventure

Mercenary Work

Reunion with Isabela

Search for the Stairway

The Mask of Nebtawi


The Templar Treasure

The Fountain of Youth

The Philosopher's Stone

Later Years

Marriage and Retirement

Return to Adventure

The Rod of Aaron


Personality and Traits

In his youth Nolan was known for his dry sense of humor and friendly nature. He always had a tendency to look before he leapt, in direct contrast to his good friend Indiana Jones. However, Following his traumatic expericences during World War 2 Nolan became much more cynical and impulsive. Nolan readily relied on logic and reason. Although this often helped him cleverly deduce information that many others miss, Nolan's emphasis on logic also made him skeptical about accepting anything without proof.

All of his life Nolan was wracked with self-loathing and insecurities. He constantly worried about what people thought of him and went to extreme lengths to gain people's approval. Nolan believed that he constantly had to fight to be accepted by people, despite what his friends told him. He often felt guilt about things over which he had no control and, because of this, did not consider himself a hero.

When he was young Nolan was idealistic and always tried to find the goodness in others. The amount of trust that Nolan put into his friends was so strong that he absolutely refused to consider that any of them would betray him. Thus, he was devastated when he discovered that his friend Luke Williams was a Nazi Spy and was responsible for the death of their entire squad.

Nolan was always an extremely loyal, compassionate, brave, and selfless person. He also had a very strong sense of justice. He always refused to turn his back on those in need of his help. He would go to great lengths and take great risks in order to help others, particularly his loved ones. Notably, this was taken advantage of by Dr. Felix Faust when he kidnaped Gwen Craye in order to lure Nolan to Rome, all as part of a ploy for Faust to get his hands on the Philosopher's Stone and gain eternal life.



Indiana Jones

George Sullivan

Harvey O'Brian

Justin Hawke

Sammantha Hawke

Jack Ross

Romantic Relationships

Gwen Craye

Jane McGregor


Miranda Bishop


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