In 1959 the original Indiana Jones was mysteriously killed on an island off the coast of India known as The Lost Continent. Plus the new Indy Mutt realizes that 24 years later after most of the the thuggees were killed off 100 of them survived and stole the children of Mayapore again along with the stones. Mutt and his group find out what's actually there on the island.


Mutt Williams found something tragic on a newspaper in India saying (in Hindu language) An archaeologist named Indiana Jones died of some unknown animal attack. Scientists don't know what type of animal it is. Indiana Jones was Mutt's father and he decides to get a American scientist named Henry Crane, the Maharajah of Pankot Zalim Singh and his friend Janet Nelson to find out about what is there. Their first stop was at the village known as Mayapore where Mutt's father was there since 1935 when he got the village's Sankara Stones from The Temple of Doom which was abandoned but half of the thuggees escaped onto an island an still capturing people as slaves and have a new leader. Later they found out half of the children were missing and the stones too later the shaman told the group that a flying animal stole the stones and was flying onto an island. Then Mutt got on a boat with his group along with some Hindus and headed to the island. They noticed something strange there were Pteranodon flying over them and Henry said I thought these animals were extinct but why are they alive after the dinosaurs died out. Mutt then replied I don't know. They then arrived at the island. They arrived in another village called Shivaia. Like Mayapore they worshiped the god Shiva but like in 1935 all children were missing except for one young adult girl. She told them that the thuggees came and took all of our children. She then revealed she's a female a shaman then left. When she left Mutt saw a dinosaur saying Look it's a Brontosaurus. Then all of them saw it a male Brontosaurus. It was eating the leaves of trees but spotted them then it attacked and charged at Zalim who was climbing up a tree. Then the members of the group started to shoot the animal then the Brontosaurus killed Zalim by breaking the tree in a matter of seconds. To be continued...


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The Brontosaurus kills Zalim

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