Mr. George Randalls is a minor antagonist in the opening scene of Mutt Williams and the Fertility Temple and is portrayed by Ian McShane

He was a wealthy Mexican immigrant who had a knack for stealing priceless artifacts. He attempted to take an artifact, known as the Sunstone Turtle Shell, as Henry "Mutt" Jones III sneaks up on deck of the oilship: S.S. Karanga. Mutt is later caught by Randalls' goons as he tried to take the Shell. When they begin to beat him up, Randalls comes down, takes the Shell, and orders his goons to throw him off the boat. Luckily, Mutt fights back and grabs the Shell from Randalls and jumps off the ship before the wind blows a barrel full of gunpowder over and a used cigerette is thrown onto it, making the ship explode and sink. As Mutt hangs onto a life ring, Randalls' hat floats by.

Randalls is likely based on Panama Hat in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.