Indiana Jones and the Ear of Carthen is a sequel to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It is set in 1959 in Cuba during Fidel Castro's dictatorship. Indiana Jones is joined by Bledar Estrada, a Cuban politician of Albanian descent, who is hounded by Fidel Castro and his minions, who acquire the Ear of Carthen to obtain world conquest. They are joined by Miranda Gerth, who is revealed to be secretly working with Castro. Indiana Jones must go through Castro's minions before Castro's plans come true.


Indiana Jones-Harrison Ford

Bledar Estrada-Alfred Molina

Jack Cortez-Clifton Collins Jr

Mutt-Shia Labeouf

Leo-Ice T

Marion Ravenwood-Karen Allen


Fidel Castro-Clifton Collins Jr. [Jack Cortez's Voice Actor]

Miranda Gerth [Rosamund Pike]

Ratty Chinese Dude [Robin Shou]

Mean Jamaican Guy [Coolie Ranx]

Jenna Jimenez [Cynthia Farrell]

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