Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection

Indy 5

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Full Length Photo Novel
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August 1957
  • Indiana Jones
  • Mutt Williams
  • Marion Jones
  • Ben Murillo


  • Alexei Daganov
  • Artem Dimitrich
  • Ivan Dovchenko
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Hammer of Thunder

Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection takes place a month after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

This is a photonovel located in some websites.

Current Stage: Shooting

Plot Summary Edit

Indiana Jones is back with his new son, Mutt, on another non-stop action-packed adventure.

One month after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Soviets are on another mission to resurrect their old leader, Joseph Stalin. The evil Soviet spy, Alexei Daganov, needs to aquire the other crystal skull from the Roswell Alien that Irina Spalko had stolen. This crystal skull has many mysterious and different powers than the crystal skull of Akator. Luckly for Indy, he meets a new friend, Ben Murillo, who can tell them the secrets and truth behind the resurrection. But with Ben's help, will it be enough to stop them from unleashing the new crystal skull's mysterious power? This adventure leads our hero through moory nothern european landscapes, through the tundra of siberia and deep through the antarctic ice. And is this adventure too much for Mutt's troubles back home?

This is another Indiana Jones adventure you'll never forget. Join Indiana Jones, Mutt Jones, and their new friend, Ben Murillo, on a quest to end the Soviet resurrection before it begins. With so much action and suprises at every turn, this photo novel will be nothing like you would ever imagine.

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