Indiana Jones and the Magic of the Spanish Main is an Indiana Jones movie taking place in 1962.

Plot Edit

Five years after Henry Jones Junior and Marion Ravenwood get married, the United States announces that they are in cold war with Russia. The CIA orders Indiana Jones to investigate the situation. He asks George McHale to investigate the situation with him, and so they do. They sneak into the Russian weapon development base, and Indiana Jones discovers a strange substance in it. While this happens, the Russians capture Mac. Indiana Jones takes the substance back to he United States and has scientists analyze it. The substance (still unknown) seems to be from the treasure-filled Spanish Main. Indiana Jones decides to travel there to find more of it. He finds Native Americans there, and they said that the whole Spanish Main was conquered by the Russian Army, led by Irina Spalko's son. Indiana Jones allies with the Native Americans, and defeat the Russians. The russians held Mac hostage no longer, and the movie ends.

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