Indiana Jones and the Journal of Jefferson is a prequel to the Michael Prentice and Steven Frye story Indiana Jones and the Sword of Arthur.



The Film's

Set in 1931, Indiana Jones and his cousin, Alexander Jones, are in France searching for the lost Journal of General Christopher Jefferson. After subsequently finding and re-claiming the Journal, after it was stolen by a thug, Indy is captured by a French Crime Lord, Pierre-Louis Lefferte. The Jones' escape includes two "Raiders" inspired Chase sequences, with a Jeep and Van, and a "Crusade" inspired fight sequence on top of a Train. Indy eventually escapes with the Journal and his Life, before he

realizes only half of his prize is with him, and the other half is still waiting to be found.

References to other Indiana Jones worksEdit

  • Only referred to as Alex and Alexander, it is unknown whether Indy's cousin is from his Mother's or Father's side.
  • Early in the Film, when Alexander asks Indy if he has the Journal, Indy responds with "With my luck, we probably only have half of the thing," Referencing his past and future adventures, and foreshadowing the outcome at the end of the picture.
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