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Indiana Jones and the Golden Hand is a sequel to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and a prequel to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.






The Sons of Hitler[]

World War II has finally ended with the siege of Berlin, Germany. Though Adolf Hitler has killed himself his loyal minion Hans Krieg has started a group called The Sons of Hitler, to finish what Hitler had started.

A Death in the Family[]

Henry Jones Sr. is lying on his deathbed. Indiana visits him. Henry Sr. clasps his hand in his and tells him to continue to make something of his life, and continue to good that he does, and that eventually he should settle down. Henry then dies and his hand goes limp. Indy drops it and begins to cry.

The Hand of Midas[]

Five months later Indy is teaching a lesson about the Middle East to a class. As the class ends Marcus approaches him and tells him to come with him to his office.

Back at Marcus Brody's museum Indiana Jones arrives because Marcus has called him. Marcus tells him of a legend that may be about to happen. Charles Stanforth is with Brody. He tells Indy that there is an island called the Vanishing Isle that surfaces every two thousand years in a different location. He tells him that according to legend an artifact called the Hand of Midas is on it, and that the Hand of Midas turns anything it touches into pure gold. He tells Indy that American spies have found out that the Sons of Hitler seek the Hand so they can buy off the Russian army and retake Germany under the Nazi regime. Knowing that this cannot happen Indy decides to go after the Hand. He is told that with the Oracle Staff he could learn the location of Hand of Midas. Marcus tells Indy that according to legend, the elusive scrolls of Delphi from the library of Alexandria can reveal the location of the staff. Marcus then tells Indy that years ago he was sent an artifact found in Egypt. Marcus tosses it to Indy. Indy looks at it, and Indy sees that is a pendant in the shape of the seal of Alexander the Great.

Indy catches a plane to Cairo, Egypt.



Upon arriving in Egypt he is greeted by Sallah who is very happy to see him. Sallah tells Indy that a group of Chinese archaeologists are also searching for the scrolls.

Turned Away[]

Salllah takes Indiana to the Great Library of Alexandria. Sallah reports to Indy that a group of Chinese archaeologists are searching the library as well. In the library Indy sees several Chinese archaeologists searching through the library, with some German men armed with machine guns. One confronts Indy and tells him to leave. Sallah tells him to heed the soldier's advice, and Indy bows his head and backs away with Sallah.

The head of the Chinese archaeologists walks up a flight of stairs, whose name is Wan Li a.k.a. Short Round, and the leader of the German mercenaries named Wilhelm Schultz walks up to him and tells him about somebody trying to enter the library. Wan tells him to just forget about it and continue doing his job.


Indy and Sallah return to Sallah's home and begin to talk about what to do about getting into the library. Eventually Sallah comes up with the idea of breaking into the library, to which Indy begins to ponder on how it could be done.

Breaking and Entering[]

Sallah goes up to the library and begins to talk to the two guards waiting outside of it. He begins to ask them about directions, and one of the says that he has seen him that morning, but Sallah denies it, and continues talking to them.

While Sallah is distracting the guards, Indy uses his whip, and climbs up the side of a wall, and enters the library through a window.

Sallah sees that Indy is in and tells the guards goodbye and runs away. The two guards share a look of confusion, but then shrug and continue their watch.

Indy is searching through the museum, and sees the Chinese archaeologists still at work. While a German mercenary begins to walk his way, Indy hides and attacks him as he passes, and puts on the suit, takes his machine gun, and goes down to the main level.

Indy enters the main excavation area. He begins to search the area, and eventually enters an empty room and begins to search it. He eventually finds an indentation in the lower part of the wall in the shape of the crest of Alexander the Great. Indy begins to think and pulls out the pendant Marcus gave him and puts it in, initiating a trigger, and suddenly the wall opens. Indy then pulls out his flashlight and goes down the spiraling stairs.

The Scrolls of Delphi[]

Indy walks down into a large chamber filled with many scrolls in it. He eventually finds a rack filled with scrolls with the symbol of Delphi on the shelf. Indy begins to search through the scrolls for an indication of it knowing the location of the Staff.

A German soldier finds the open door and shouts for more men.

Indy eventually finds a scroll with a picture of the staff at the bottom. Indy stuffs the scroll into his coat. Schultz and many armed German soldiers walk down into the room. They are all amazed. Indy is hiding behind one of the bookcases. Schultz tells his men to search the area for an intruder.

Indy tries to sneak away, but is eventually spotted, and drops a bookcase on the soldiers that find him. Indy pulls out his pistol and bullwhip, and begins to fight the soldiers, but eventually flees back up the stairs into the main area of the library.

Car Chase[]

While running down a hall Indy bumps into Wan, and Wan attacks him, and Indy fights back. Eventually they see each other face to face and Wan says in shock, "Doctor Jones," making Indy realize that he is fighting his old friend Short Round saying, "Shorty," and then runs away pursued by German soldiers who fire at him until Indy jumps down through a window into the padded back of a truck with Sallah in the driver's seat. Sallah then drives away as German cars come at them. Sallah tosses Indy a machine gun and shouts at him to fire. As Sallah tries to escape from the Germans, Indy fires at them, taking out several of them. Eventually they escape through a back alley, and then head back towards Sallah's house.

Back from the Past[]

Back at Sallah's home Indy and Sallah sit down and begin to talk. Sallah asks Indy if he had gotten the scroll. Indy takes out the scroll that he took and begins to look at it when Chinese thugs begin to surround them. Indy and Sallah put their hands up. Suddenly a familiar voice says, "Ah, Doctor Jones, it has been far too long." Indy turns his head to see his old enemy Kao Kan walk through the doorway. "Kao Kan," Indy shouts in shock. "Yes Doctor Jones," Kao says. When Indy asks what he is doing Kao reveals that he wants the scroll Indy took, and then that he is in an alliance with Hans Krieg and the Sons of Hitler to find the golden hand. Kao also reveals that before his father Lao Che died of a terminal illness, he was depressed after Indy had killed his brother Chen. Kao now runs Lao Che's old gang. Wan suddenly walks into Indy's view, and Indy realizes that Wan is working with Kao. Indy accuses Wan of being a traitor. Wan pleads to Indy to give Kao the scroll so that he can live. Kao outstretches his hand to take the scroll and Indy gives it to him. Kao nods to one of his men, and they grab Indy and Sallah. Wan asks Kao about what he is doing, and Kao tells him that Indy and his friend can't meddle in his affairs. The men drag Indy and Sallah into the back of a truck, and drive towards the Nile.

Narrow Escape[]

Indy and Sallah are taken by the river. Sallah is put on his knees and one of Kao's men pulls out a machine gun and points it at Sallah with his finger on the trigger. Indy looks at his while being held in place by another one of Kao's men. When the thug is about to shoot Sallah, Indy escapes the grip of the person holding him, grabs him, and throws him at the thug aiming at Sallah. Indy then grabs the gun and shoots down the two thugs. Suddenly more men begin to charge at them. Indy pulls Sallah up and they jump into the Nile.

A little bit down the river Indy and Sallah go onto the shore. Sallah asks Indy about what they should do, and Indy tells him that he was able to read where the staff is located. When Sallah asks where, Indy tells him that it is below the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.



Kao is sitting at the table of a club in Greece when Hans walks to, and sits at the table. They greet each other and Hans then asks about how the excavation is doing. Kao tells him that they are beginning the next day, and then tells him about Indiana Jones, and his escape. Hans says that Jones must die.


The next day Indy and Sallah get off their plane to Greece. Indy asks Sallah if he had sent the telegram to the American government, which Sallah says he did.

The Temple of Apollo[]

Indy and Sallah arrive at the temple at dawn and enter the temple.

The two go down into the lower levels of the temple and begin to search.

Wan and the other archaeologists arrive at the temple and begin the excavation.

Indy and Sallah hear the men entering the temple. Sallah tells Indy that they are dead men if they don't escape. The two begin to run up a set of stairs when Indy hears one is hollow. Indy goes down to it and taps on it, confirming it being hollow. Indy asks Sallah for his pick and Sallah hands it to him. Indy hacks away at the step, and eventually sees a long wooden case. Indy tosses Sallah his pick back, picks up the case, and opens it seeing the staff inside of it. Indy tells this to Sallah. The two begin to run again, but are spotted by some of the German mercenaries and fired at. The two run to escape and Indy fires back as they continue to run. Suddenly a group of American soldiers attack the Germans. Kao, Hans, Wan, and many soldiers and archaeologists get into trucks and drive away.

Miranda Austin[]

Some American soldiers take Indy and Sallah to General Ross, who is with his lieutenant Vincent Stane. They are with CIA agent Miranda Austin. Miranda begins to question Indy and Sallah about what happened. They explain the story and Indy pulls out the staff. He shows it to Miranda who looks at it interested. When she asks Indy about how it works, Indy says that he doesn't know, and that the scroll that is in Kao's possession would probably hold the answer.

At the Airport[]

Indy, Sallah, and the US military people arrive at the airport and ask about Kao, and it is reported that he had left on an airplane bound for Shanghai, China. The group decides to go to Shanghai.



Kao is sitting at a table in Club Obi-Wan with Wan who is reading the scroll of Delphi. Hans walks into the room with Wilhelm and a few other soldiers. Hans approaches and tells Kao that they need to get the staff from Indy. When Hans asks how Kao plans to get him Wan tells them that Indy will need the Delphi Scroll in order to know how to use the staff, and that it is only a matter of time before Indy comes to them. Kao adds that he has ordered a special job to be done to get Indy to do what they say. Kao also tells of his distaste with the new communist regime. Kao suddenly receives a phone call and answers it.

Ambush in Shanghai[]

Indy, Sallah, Ross, Stane, and Austin arrive in Shanghai, and get into cars.

On a rooftop in Shanghai a Chinese thug is holding a rocket launcher.

Indy, Sallah, and Austin are in one car, Ross and Stane in another. Suddenly a rocket is fired down onto the street and Ross and Stane's car is blown onto its back. Indy's car is halted by the soldier driving it. Indy, Sallah, and Miranda get out of the car and run towards Ross and Stane's car. Ross and Stane are crawling out of the car. Their driver and other men are dead. Chinese and German men led by Wilhelm begin to surround them. Indy pulls up Ross and Sallah pulls up Stane and they run into a building.

Wilhelm and his men surround the building. The rocket launcher shooter fires a rocket at the building.

Holding Out[]

Indy and the others duck as the rocket hits the building making debris fly. Indy looks out through the gaping hole and tells the others to take cover. The shooter fires another rocket and then Wilhelm shouts to them through a megaphone to surrender and come with them. Indy shouts at him to go to Hell. Sallah and Ross are holding Wilhelm's men back with machine guns in a stairway. Another rocket is fired blowing more debris. Wilhelm shouts through the megaphone that he is not joking and will have him killed if necessary. Miranda looks out through the hole and sees the rocket shooter on the opposite rooftop.

Wilhelm grabs and loads a shotgun. He then orders some men to come with him and they enter the building. Sallah and Ross run out of bullets and Wilhelm and his men begin to climb the stairs. Sallah and Ross run away from the stairwell while reloading their guns. Wilhelm and some men finally reach the top. The heroes hide behind corners and fire back at Wilhelm and his men. Eventually Wilhelm sneaks around and puts his shotgun to Indy's head and has his finger on the trigger. Wilhelm mocks Indy. From afar Ross sees Wilhelm but doesn't see Indy. Ross finds that he is completely out of rounds, but pulls out a hand grenade. He the pulls off the cap and throws it at Wilhelm. Wilhelm and Indy jump away. When the grenade blows a hole is made in the floor. Indy and Wilhelm fall through it onto the next floor down.


Indy and Wilhelm get up from the floor sore. Wilhelm tries to grab his shotgun but Indy punches him in the face making him drop it. Wilhelm then grabs Indy and throws him into a support pillar. The two continue to brawl for a long time. Eventually Indy beats him down out cold with his fist, and then runs back up to the others, who still have rockets being launched at them.

When they finish the soldiers that are on that floor Wilhelm slowly comes up the stairs and attacks Indy again. Indy throws Wilhelm in front of the gaping hole as the shooter fires another rocket and Wilhelm is blown away. Indy looks out the window. Miranda look out the window as well and pulls a pistol from her pocket. She shoots the shooter and he falls from the roof. The rocket in his weapon blows, blowing away the remaining men. Indy slides down to the ground relieved that it is finally over. General Ross gets up and tells them that they have to get to Kao Kan's base. They all then leave the building to find Kao Kan.

Club Obi-Wan[]

Indy and the others armed with guns enter Club Obi-Wan, but find themselves surrounded by armed German and Chinese men. Kao Kan walks up to them and tells Indy to come with him, and his men take the others into the back of the club.

Indy is seated with Hans Krieg and Wan Li. Kao then sits at the table as well. Hans introduces himself to which Indy replies, "So you're the infamous Hans Krieg." Hans and Kao ask Indy about the staff. Indy says that he has no idea what they are talking about. Hans calls his men in German who bring Marcus Brody into the room with his mouth and eyes covered by cloth. Indy says that he will kill them if they lay their hands on him. Hans says that they aren't joking. Kao pulls out a pistol with a silencer on it and shoots Marcus who slumps down dead. The men take Marcus' body away. Wan has a look of disgust on his face. Hans then tells Indy that he will kill more people if he doesn't give them the staff. Indy pulls the staff from his jacket and hands it to Hans. Hans laughs and says that they are all going to die anyway. Wan shouts that that wasn't part of the deal, and Kao shouts at him to be quiet. Hans asks Indy how they got away from Wilhelm and his men, and Indy tells them what happened. As Indy is being pulled away by two Chinese thugs Indy asks how they knew they were coming to Shanghai. Hans and Kao just laugh at the question and the soldiers continue to drag Indy away.

The British[]

Suddenly a group of British soldiers led by George McHale, otherwise known as Mac, enter the room and tell the German and Chinese criminals to surrender. There is a big gunfight but Hans, Kao, and Wan escape through a back door with the scroll and staff.

Mac approaches Indy and they shake hands, having been war buddies. Mac explains that U.S. intelligence had told them about their problem. Indy is sad about Marcus' death and tells Mac about it, and Mac tells him it will be all right. General Ross gathers the group together and asks Indy if they got the staff, to which Indy answers that they do. Ross curses and says that with the staff and scroll they will be able to find the Vanishing Isle and the Hand of Midas.

The Oracle[]

In a car Hans, Kao, Wan, and a few German soldiers and Chinese thugs ride to the South Chinese Sea. They exit the car. Hans is holding the staff and Wan is holding the scroll. When by the shore Hans asks Wan how to use the staff. Wan tells him to say in Greek...

                                                   Oh mystical Oracle upon you I summon
                                              So that you may give me what I wish to know
                                           Only you have the answer some come before me 

Hans tell Wan that he can't speak Greek and hands the staff over to Wan telling him to ask the oracle where the Vanishing Isle will appear. Wan does and there is suddenly an extremely bright light.

From another part of Shanghai Indy sees it in the distance and tells the others saying that it is the Oracle. Indy and the others run down that way.

The Oracle tells Wan that he can ask her a single question. Wan asks about the location of the Vanishing Isle. The Oracle tells him that it will appear a few miles off the coast of Antarctica, and that it will show them away. The Oracle suddenly becomes a ball of light and heads off into the distance. Hans, Kao, Wan, and the others walk away to get reinforcements, and then a boat. Indy and the others see this and decide to get a boat as well.


Taking Over[]

The ship the bad guys are on docks on the coast of Antarctica. They exit the boat in Arctic Survival gear. They find an American base and take it over.

Hans, Kao, and Wan walk into the control room. When Hans asks Wan how long it is until the Vanishing Isle appears Wan tells him it is in two hours. Suddenly a German soldier walks into the room telling them that they were being sent a radio message that Indy and his group were getting close to their location. Hans tells him to get men out there to finally put an end to them.

A Friendly Discussion[]

Miranda is standing at the head of the ship. She like everybody else is wearing Arctic survival gear. Indy is observing her from afar when Sallah and Mac approach him. They see that he is watching Miranda. Sallah urges Indy to talk to her. Indy says he plans to but doesn't know what to say. Sallah and Mac begin telling Indy what to say, and Indy just walks to Miranda and begins to talk to her. Miranda tells Indy that she has heard about his fickle love life. Indy assures her that it is just a friendly discussion. They talk about Indy's past adventures and his love life. They are about to kiss when Indy spots another boat coming up to theirs.

Sea Battle[]

Indy shouts about the boat that's coming, and they are suddenly fired upon by deck guns. General Ross runs up onto the deck and shouts at the men to take cover and fire back at them. Eventually the two ships come by each other. Men from both ships fire at each other. German soldiers begin to board Indy's ship and the fight continues. Mac and some other British soldiers go over to the enemy ship as well, though most of them get killed.

Eventually Indy and the others are rounded up by the Germans. The leader of the Germans named Joseph Schmidt tells Indy that they are now to be killed. Indy asks about how they have been receiving all of their information. Vincent suddenly walks next to Joseph and reveals that he has been an informant to Hans Krieg. When Joseph is about to give the order to fire the Germans are suddenly fired upon from their own deck gun being manned by Mac who had snuck into it. He blows Joseph away and fires at the other Germans. Vincent runs out of the deck gun's sight and pulls out his pistol. He fires at the good guys, and then runs up into the bridge of the ship followed by Sallah who is firing machine gun shots at him. Indy and the others are still taking down the Germans.

Fight on the Bridge[]

When Sallah gets into the bridge he fires at Vincent and Vincent fires back from around a corner with his pistol. Eventually Vincent runs out of bullets. Sallah realizes Vincent has stopped firing and charges into the room with his machine gun up. When he goes around the corner Vincent was firing from Vincent punches him in the face making him drop his gun. Sallah then punches back at him in the face. The two get into a brawl until Vincent shoves Sallah back into the bridge. They continue to fight until Vincent picks up Sallah's machine gun and shoots Sallah in the leg making him fall over. Vincent sneers and aims the machine gun at Sallah's head with his finger on the trigger. When Vincent is about to pull the trigger Ross runs in with his pistol up shouting, "Stop!" Vincent drops the gun and puts his hands up saying, "All right general." Ross approaches him with the gun. When Ross is next to him Vincent grabs Ross and they get into a struggle and then a fist fight. Eventually Vincent throws Ross against a wall making him fall to the ground. Vincent chuckles when Sallah grabs Vincent and throws him through the front window of the bridge making him fall down onto the deck. Sallah falls to the ground in pain becuase of being shot in the leg. Ross grabs a med kit and goes to help Sallah.


Eventually all of the Germans are dead. The heroes regroup with Mac coming back from the other boat. When Indy asks where Ross and Sallah are Ross comes down from the bridge and tells them about what happened and then turns to Vincent who is getting up from the ground sore all over. Indy grabs and picks him up. Indy drags him over to the side of the boat and is about to drop him over the railing when Vincent shouts that he should be given a fair trial. Ross tells Indy to let go, and Indy complies. Ross tells Vincent about everything he has done, and then that he is his judge and jury. Ross then punches Vincent in the face making him fall over the railing into the water. Ross then says that he is also his executioner. Vincent pleads for help as the boat moves away and Vincent drowns in the freezing water.


Indy's boat arrives at a dock. Ross tells Indy that the base is two miles to the east, and that soldiers will stay on the boat with Sallah. Suddenly they are spotted by a German on a snowmobile. Indy sees this and shoots him down with his pistol. Indy runs up to and onto the snowmobile and sees three others driving away. Indy goes in pursuit of them.

There is a long chase. Indy takes down the three men. The first by shooting him off, the second by wrapping his whip around his neck and making him fall off. The last he got up next to and they crashed their snowmobiles against each other until Indy jumped on the soldier. They tumbled into the snow and had a fight until Indy choked him with his arm. Indy was beginning to feel the cold. Suddenly an Arctic transport comes to Indy. Mac and Ross pull Indy up and bring him into the transport. Mac asks Indy if he is all right, and Indy says yes, and that he's fine. The transport then continues towards the base.

Moving Out[]

Out in the freezing waters something begins to emerge. It is the Vanishing Isle.

Hans, Kao, and Wan see this through a window. Hans tells them it is time to move out.

Hans, Kao, Wan and many German and Chinese men get onto a boat and head towards the Vanishing Isle.

Taking Back the Base[]

Indy and the others see the Vanishing Isle appear and are amazed. Ross says that they have to keep moving.

The group arrives at the base and fight the men protecting it, eventually taking it back. Ross tells some soldiers to stay at the base and try to radio for assistance. Ross then tells the others that they have to get to the Vanishing Isle.

The group gets onto one of the boats docked near the base and sail out towards the isle.

The Vanishing Isle[]

Stand Guard[]

Hans, Kao, Wan and the others arrive on the Vanishing Isle and feel that is is actually quite warm and take off their Arctic survival gear. Hans and Kao pick some of their men to come with them, and others to stand guard. Hans, Kao, Wan, and an escort of soldiers enter the temple atop the Vanishing Isle.

Hands Up[]

Indy's boat arrives as the Vanishing Isle. Indy and the others get off. Ross tells them that they have to storm the temple and retrieve the Hand of Midas. While they are walking towards the temple the minions come out of hiding places with guns pointed at them telling them to put their hands up. Indy and the others do. Indy looks around at how many there are. When the minions are about to shoot them down Miranda secretly pulls a grenade out of her pocket and throws it at the men blowing many of them away. Indy and the others then take the rest down in a heated battle. Eventually all of the men are dead. "Come on," Ross tells them and they run into the temple.

The Hand[]

Hans, Kao, and Wan eventually walk and enter a large room made brilliantly with large pillars. In the center is a giant, floating, spinning, golden hand. On top of it is a statue of Midas holding the Hand of Midas. "We have it," Hans declares.

Indy and the others eventually run into a hallway and are suddenly fired upon by German and Chinese men. Indy and the others run around a corner. They fire back at them. "Go, get the hand," Ross shouts to Indy. Indy says that he should help but Ross says he needs to get to the hand first. Indy runs down the hallway and eventually runs into the large room, and sees the hand.


Kao takes a running leap onto the floating hand and approaches the Hand of Midas. Indy uses his whip to snag onto a beam and swings onto the hand. "Jones," Kao shouts. "Keep away from the hand Kao Kan," Indy says to Kao pulling out his whip. "Indy," Wan says under his breath. Indy and Kao begin to circle each other. Indy tries to whip Kao but Kao moves out of the way. They keep doing this until Kao grabs Indy's whip in his hand and pulls Indy down. Kao then throws the whip aside. As Indy gets up Kao approaches him. Indy raises his fists to fight. When he tries to punch Kao, Kao grabs his arm and punches Indy in the face with his right hand and then throws Indy to the ground. When Indy begins to get up Kao kicks him in the chest with his right foot. Eventually Indy gets a kick onto Kao to the stomach with his left leg making Kao get pushed back into the statue. Indy then gets up. Indy and Kao fight, but Kao is beating the hell out of Indy with his martial arts. "No," Wan shouts. "What," Hans then shouts. Wan hits Hans in the face with the back of his right hand and then does a running jump onto the hand. When Kao is about to use a karate chop on Indy's head Wan grabs his arm and throws him away onto his stomach. Indy looks up and sees Wan standing above him. Wan outstretches his hand to Indy and Indy grabs it. Wan pulls Indy up as Indy says, "Welcome back Shorty." "Glad to be back Dr. Jones," Wan replies. The two then turn to Kao who has gotten up. Kao shouts and charges at them. After a while Kao kicks Indy down leaving Wan to fight him alone. They have a heated martial arts battle until Kao gets Wan in the stomach with his right fist. Kao then beats Wan's head with his right fist. Wan breathes heavily as Kao says, "You shouldn't have betrayed me!" When Kao is about to punch Wan again Indy grabs Kao and pulls him off of Wan saying, "Keep away from my friend," and then throws Kao away from him and gets into scuffle with him until Kao gets him down. As Indy starts getting up again Kao says breathing heavily, "You want more! Will you ever learn?" As Kao prepares to attack Indy Wan grabs the Hand of Midas and shouts, "If you want the Hand of Midas Kao, than catch!" Wan throws the Hand of Midas into the air. "No," Kao shouts and reaches for the Hand, catching it in his right hand. "Ha," Kao shouts, "The Hand of Midas is mine!" As Kao laughs he stares at the Hand of Midas and sees that his own hand starts turning gold. "What," Kao shouts. His whole arm and rest of his body turns solid gold as he shouts, "No!" Eventually Kao is all gold. Grabbing the handle Wan pulls the Hand of Midas out of Kao's hand and then pushes Kao back and fall into a pit of water below the floating hand. Indy then approaches Wan and wraps a piece of cloth around the Hand of Midas which turns gold. "Good thinking," Indy then says. "Thanks," Wan says, "It seemed like something that you would do." "Come on," Indy says, "Let's get out of here." The two then swing across the gap between the floating hand and leave through the door Indy came through.


Hans wakes up and sees that the Hand of Midas is gone, "No," Hans shouts and exits the room.

Ross and the others have taken out all the men that were firing at them when Indy and Wan reach them. They point there guns at Wan but Indy tells them, "Don't worry, he's on our side now." Ross sees Indy holding the hand wrapped in the cloth and says, "Well done, you got the hand. Come on, let's get out of here." The group runs out of the temple.

Hans finds a group of the remaining men and says, "Come with me. Kan is gone, so you will all do as I say." Hans pulls out a pistol. He and the men then head towards the temple's entrance.

Indy and the others reach the courtyard outside of the temple and Ross says, "Let's get to the boats." "Stop," Hans shouts from the entrance of the temple, "The Hand of Midas is mine!" "No it isn't Krieg," Indy shouts back. The two sides point their guns at each other. "So," Hans says, "is Kao Kan dead?" "Yes," Indy answers. "Well," Hans says, "too bad." Hans then shouts, "Fire!" "Fire," Indy then shouts as well and the two sides fire at each other. Several men on both sides are killed. Hans shoots Miranda in the chest making her fall down dead. "No," Indy shouts and shoots Hans in the arm making him fall over. Eventually all of Hans' men are dead. Indy, Ross, and the others look at the battlefield and Ross says, "It is finally over." Indy runs over to Miranda and holds her chest and head in his arms. Indy begins to cry. Hans suddenly gets up and pulls a knife from his belt while everyone goes around Indy. Hans charges towards Indy with his knife. "Indy," Wan shouts and runs towards him. As Hans is about to stab Indy, Wan gets in the way and is stabbed in the back. Hans then moves back pulling the knife out of Wan as Wan falls down to the ground. "Shorty," Indy shouts. Indy gets up and approaches Hans. Hans wildly swings his knife at Indy until Indy punches Hans in the face with his right fist. Hans tries to stab Indy again but Indy grabs Hans' arms with his hand and they are in a struggle until Indy swings Hans' knife into his chest. Hans croaks and falls to the ground and after a few moments dies. Indy runs to Wan and holds his upper torso in his arms saying, "Shorty, Shorty!" "Dr. Jones," Wan replies, "You did it." "Yeah," Indy replies. Wan is breathing heavily and continues saying, "You were always like a father to me Indy. I was glad to save you since I owed you so much." "You didn't owe me this," Indy says beginning to cry. Wan continues on saying, "Goodbye Indy. I," Wan begins to stammer, "love you." Wan then goes limp, dead. Indy begins to bawl and shouts, "No, why!" The isle suddenly begins to tremble. Ross looks at his watch and says, "Time is up, we have to get out of here!" Indy throws Wan's body over his right shoulder. Ross does the same with Miranda. The group runs onto the boat they had brought.

Was it Worth It[]

Ross sails the boat away from the isle as it goes down into the sea, vanishing. Indy lies Wan's body on a bench on the boat and then sits down on the bench next to it. Indy pulls out the Hand of Midas and takes off the cloth wrapped around it. Indy stares at the Hand as Ross comes towards him saying, "We have to first get to Antarctica to pick up the men we left there, and then we will arrive at the United States in a few days." "Was it worth it," Indy says, "Was this artifact worth the lives of so many people?" "In my opinion," Ross replies, "Nothing is worth the deaths of several others. I fight to try and protect the lives of the people of the good world. I understand what you are going through Indiana. I have lost several friends who were like brothers to me in many different wars and I have asked myself the question you have asked me several times over." Ross pauses and says, "I will leave you alone for as long as you like." Ross then walks away.



Indy, Ross, Mac, Sallah, and many others are at Wan's funeral in Washington D.C. Even Indy and Wan's old friend Willie Scott attends the funeral.

After the service is over Willie lies a bundle of flowers on Wan's headstone and begins to cry.

Lessons Learned[]

Indy gets next to Willie and says, "I can't believe he's gone." "I know," Willie replies, "This was so unfair for him to die at the prime of his life." "He gave his life for me," Indy says, "I just wish he hadn't." "You know," Willie says, "That whole affair in India that I had with you and Wan had changed my life forever. Before it I was nothing but a prissy goo goo doll that watched the world go by without a care in the world. With all the evil and cruelty I saw and what you and Wan taught me I realized that I had to act. It was because of you two that I started those charities with the money I got by acting here in America." "Yeah," Indy replies, "He had saved me several times including the incident in that temple of doom. He saved me from myself. He saved me from the darkness that controlled me. I owe him for many other things as well."

The New Dean[]

Indy is in the Dean's office of Marshall College. "I am so sorry for you," Charlie says pouring the two of them wine. He hands Indy a cup saying, "This is always a hard time to get through. First Henry, then Marcus, and now Wan and you're CIA friend." "Yeah," Indy replies, "and now I guess you are the new dean of the college." "Yes," Charlie replies, "It will be hard walking in Marcus' shoes, he was one of the best dean's this college ever had." "You will do a fine job," Indy replies. "Thanks," Charlie says and takes a sip from his cup.

New Assignment[]

Indy is sitting on his sofa in his house looking through a scrapbook at several pictures of him with his friends. His phone rings and Indy picks it up. "Hello," Ross says. "Yeah," Indy replies, "What do you need Bob?" "I know this is an extremely tough time for you," Ross replies, "But something really strange has been found in New Mexico, and I wonder if you could go over there to check it out. Are you up for it?" "Yes," Indy replies, "Yes I am." Indy then puts the phone down.

The End


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