Indiana Jones Fan Fiction

Indiana Jones and the Final Adventure is the 27th chapter in The Adventures of Indiana Jones, the sequel to Chapter 26: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as well as the series finale.


SUMMARY: Indiana Jones is now happily married to Marion Ravenwood, and has a son, Henry Jones III, and for the first time in his life, he feels that the time has come for him to retire. However, at the retirement party, it's not all tears and sentiments at Princeton University. During the party, a young, hotshot archeologist comes on the scene, and he tells young Mutt Williams a secret: that he has found out the location of a fabled talisman used by the last king of Atlantis... and that it can be found in the Bermuda Triangle. He attempts to bribe Mutt to take on the expedition, but when Mutt refuses, he kidnaps him, aided by a mysterious squad of Russian spies. When Marion and Indy realize their son is missing, Indy reluctantly agrees to pick up his hat and bullwhip for what Indy vows and declares in his trusty journal as 'his FINAL adventure'!


Last line of dialogue:

INDY: (shakes his head and takes off his hat) "Fortune and glory? It's all yours, kid."

(He puts the hat on Mutt's head, and Mutt smiles. Screen goes black, and the Indiana Jones theme plays for the last time as the end credits roll.)