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Indiana Jones and the Bermuda Mystery

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Novembver 1937
Fan Film
  • Indiana Jones
  • Victor Wilson
  • Tanya Moon
  • Marcus Brody
  • Trebbie


  • Richard Harden
  • Dale Barucelli
  • Katya Urboski
Shot by Both Sides!

Indiana Jones and the Bermuda Mystery is a movie set to be in 1937.


Setting in November 1937, the story starts out as Indy and his partner, Trebbie travels to Tawain to find the Shield of Fortune, which was lost in a July storm; after dodging spears and gunfights with Italian rebels and Nazis, he successfully finds the shield. Once returned to Marshall College, Marcus tells Indy he's requested by Secret Agent Sam Turner to help solve a worldwide mystrey. Knowing of Amelia Earhart's disappearance, Turner tells Indy about her last message found in the Bermuda Triangle, which may have some part of her disapperacne. Indiana, doubting about the Traingle's strange powers, soon learns Ameila's true mission was to find the Eye of the Devil, so Indy must retrace Amelia's last known apperances in order to find her and the Eye; however, Richard Harden, an infamous British pilot, befriends Italy and the Nazis and recruits them to stop Indy from reaching Amelia. Indy's fight with Harden, Italians, and the Nazis sends him from the White House to Miami to London to the Bahamas all the way to the Bermuda Triangle; can Indy find the lost pilot in time or will he be the next to fall into the Bermuda's path.



  • Theodosia Burr Alston
  • Dale Barucelli
  • Marcus Brody
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Richard Harden
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Henry Walton Jones, Sr.
  • Indiana Jones
  • Lao Che
  • Harry Manning
  • Tanya Moon
  • Fred Noonan
  • Abner Ravenwood
  • Marion Ravenwood
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Sam Tanner
  • Trebbie
  • Katya Urboski
  • Victor Wilson


  • United States of America
    • California
      • Oakland
    • Florida
      • Miami
    • Indiana
      • West Lafayette
        • Purdue University
    • New York
      • Hamptons
      • New York City
      • New Britian
        • Marshall College
    • Virgina
      • Washington D.C
        • White House
        • Library of Congress
  • Azores
  • Bahamas
  • England
    • London
  • Papua New Guinea
    • Lae
  • Phoenix Islands
    • Enderbury Island
    • Howland Island
  • Nukumanu Islands
  • Bermuda Triangle
    • Devil's Sea
      • The Underwater Tower of Devil
  • Farmosa Triangle
  • Taiwan
  • Gilbert Islands
  • Wake Atoll


  • Drifttwood of Raifuku Maru
  • Electra
  • Eye of the Devil
  • Shield of Fortune


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