Indiana Jones and The Panther Palace
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Part 1Edit

Indana Jones and one other archaeologist are digging around a fallen pillar in an Egyptian dessert.

(Indy, sweating extremely): Damn. It's hot out here.

(Felix): Are you sure it's here?

(Indy): Positive, Felix.

They keep digging until Indy uncovers a lever. He pulls it and very big temple emerges from the ground.

(Indy): Postive.

Indy and Felix walk into temple and find an alter a skeleton clutching a golden arrowhead.

(Indy): There it is. The Golden Arrowhead.

Felix then grabs the arrowhead from the skeleton's hand. Indy gives Felix a horrified expression.

(Felix): What?

Indy points behind Felix reveal a panther.

(Felix, turning to see the phanther): Oh shi-

(Indy): Run!

Felix and Indy run and the panther pursues them. Indy pulls out his whip and snags a rock above him and pulls it down causing the temple to collaplse around their ears.

(Felix): We're gonna die!

Indy and Felix run outside just in time.

(Felix): *Gasp* *Cough Cough* *Wheeze* *Cough Cough Cough Cough* *Gasp* We *Gasp* Should be dead. *Cough Cough*. And why was there a panther in the temple?

(Indy, grabbing the arrowhead and putting in his pocket): Lets just get back to Barrnet College and be done.

(Felix, talking evily): Not *Cough* so fast, Jones!

Felix pulls out a uzi and points it at Indiana's head.

(Felix): The arrowhead now.

(Indy): Ok.

Indy gives Felix the arrowhead and Felix throws Indy into a nearby pit. Felix walks off laughing for his "victory". Indy begins to chuckle and opens his palm revealing the golden arrowhead.

Part 2Edit

To be writed.


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