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Indiana Jones
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  • Archaeologist
  • Professor
  • Marcus Brody
  • Abner Ravenwood
  • Sallah
  • Jock Lindsey
  • Emile Belloq
  • Lao Che
  • Unidentified Thuggee Priest
  • Forrestal
  • Satipo
  • Barranca
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Indiana Jones was the name of an archaeologist who found treasures around the world and returned them to museums.


Early Life[]

Indiana Jones was born in 1899. He grew up with his father after the death of his mother, Anna Mary Jones. They settled in Utah after her death and Indy became a boy scout. In 1912, Indy and his friend Herman Mueler wandered away from their group and discovered bandits recovering and stealing the Cross of Coronardo. Indy went after the Cross and took it to his house. However, Herman arrived with the Sherrif and learned that the sherrif was working with the bandits. He ordered Indy to surrendur the Cross by law. The bandit leader, Garth Fedora, was impressed by Indy's skills that he gave Indy his brown fedora. Sometime in 1935, Indy attempted to acquire Peacock's Eye from Chinese Gangster Lao Che, but failed. His plane was wrecked and he was forced to land in India. He learned of the Thuggee Cult rising once again, but Indy managed to stop the Cult and return to the United States.

South America, 1936[]

In 1936, Indy received word that his rival Forrestal had not returned from South America for a whole year. Indy went and recruited four Peruvian travel guides. By the time they reached the hidden temple, only Satipo and Barranca remained. Barranca tried to kill Indy with his pistol, but did not expect to see Indy lash out his whip and pull the weapon from Barranca's hand. Indy and Satipo then entered the temple and discovered the remains of Forrestal, who had been impaled by spikes. Indy and Satipo then proceeded to recover the golden idol Forrestal originally intended to go after. After grabbing the idol, the temple began to collapse. Indy and Satipo made it out after being chased by a giant boulder. However, Indy learned that Satipo was a traitor and set Indy up. Indy's old rival Emile Belloq took the idol from Indy. Indy fled with Belloq distracted, but did not expect Belloq to send Hovitos warriors after him. Indy escaped in Lindsey Jock's boat and fled. However, Jock had his snake Reggie sit in the passanger seat, which frightened Indy very much.


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