Indiana Jones was an adventurer and heroe and archeologist in the 1930s. Henry Jones junior is his real name. Indy and Indiana are just his nicknames. He has been on many adventures. He appeared in Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark' Indiana Jones and the temple of doom' Indiana Jones and the last crusade' Indiana Jones and the infernal machine' and Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. And also Indiana Jones and the ghost of Julius Caesar and Indiana Jones and the journey through time. Its where Indy and Mutt time travel to the future to stop evil people from building a time machine and killing an alien race thats almost extincted. Indy despised Nazis (anyone would...) and killed many of them. He lived a long life. He lived to be a great grandfather. He had many girlfriends. In raiders of the lost ark his girlfriend is Marion Ravenwood. In temple of doom his girlfriend is an actress (I forgot her name lol). And in the last crusade his girlfriends name is Elsa (I guess). (I dunno if he has one in infernal machine because I haven't seen it.). In kingdom of the crystal skull he reunites with Marion Ravenwood and marries her. He has a step son named Mutt Williams who is an adventurer. Indiana Jones was an elderly adventurer in the 1650s. In the 1970s he gos on an adventurer with his grandson Mario Jones and his grandaughter Kathrine Jones and their best friend Fitz Clarence. In the 1960s his step son Mutt married a woman named Mattie Worchestsire. Their kids were Mario Jones and Kathrine Jones. Indy and his grandchildren and their best friend went to Germany to stop an evil mutant from world domination. He spent lots of time adventuring. But in the late 1980s he retires. Also retires as a professor. In the 1990s he suffered from a heart attack and survived. He dies in 2007. Marion died in 2005. Indy and Marion's grandchildren were Meril Jacob' Robert Jacob' and Jerod Jacob. They were Kathrines children because she married a man named Jack Jacob. Jack was in the air force but retired at 38. When Indy and Marion die they are put in caskets. They were honored. Especially by Mutt.

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