Indiana Jones and the Island of the Hidden Treasure is a movie set to be in 1967.

The movie Edit

These are the characters that appear in the movie:


  • Indy
  • Marion
  • Henry Jones III
  • Short Round
  • Charlie (New character find info at bottom)


(All bad guys are new and see info at bottom)

  • Fire
  • The rest of Fire's team.

Story Edit

The story starts out as Indy at death cave finding gold with Short Round. They get a treasure that is shaped like the ark. It is a treasure chest that has lots of money and other things. On this movie it has history of the Titanic. They say that the Titanic has lots of money and Gold. Indy tries to find it. He gets a map that leads him to an island that has half of the Titanic and lots of money.

Info Edit


He is a new character not known much about but that he is a hero that knows about the titanic because his grandpa was on it.


Fire is an enemy of Indy. He has fire powers.

Fire's team

Fire's team is Fire's team.

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