Major General Henry P. Martin

General Henry P. Martin was a general in the US Marines and has fought in World War I,World War II,and the Korean War. He retired during the Vietnam War,but he had not seen any action since the Battle of Pork Chop Hill in the Korean War

He had a younger brother stationed in Pearl Harbor,Colonel Joseph P. Martin,and people used to say they looked alike.Though Martin still cannot see the resemblance.


Early YearsEdit

Herny Paunel Martin was born to Anna and George Martin in Fort Dodge,Iowa in 1889.he left to live in Chicago when he was six.He lived there until he was thirteen, when his family was trasferred to a base in Florida.His father,a colonel in the US Army,was sent off to fight in the Spanish American War.Henry wasn't interested in war, and opposed it, saying"I'm not going off to fight in some foreign country for some foreign people for some foreign reasons."Though,in 1917-18,his ideas changed.He wasone of the only Americans to have been drafted into the US Marines during WWI.when he returned,he stayed in the military as a Lieuntenant Colonel,and he wished to see his military friends in the next war.

Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Golden FossilsEdit

By 1939,Martin had reached the rank of Major General.When the United States entered World War II he and his troops were stationed in Pearl Harbor until 1943,when they were re-assigned to a base in North Africa.After the Afrika Korps pulled out,he stayed there until 1944,when they were sent out to Normandy for D-Day.He and his troops advanced until they reached a cave in northern France,when he was taken hostage by Indiana Jones, Claude Dominique,and Shortround,they thinking he was a Nazi.After all was sorted out,he went back to his troops,but ran into surprises along the way,such as crossing France and Belgium, finding a former Nazi which helped them,infiltrating a Nazi base,and discovering priceless undiscovered golden dinousaur fossils and bones

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