The Fertility Chalice was a 700 year old artifact hidden in the Fountain of Youth by Juan Ponce de Leon in the wilderness of Florida. Dr. Malvina Forshaw and her Soviet henchmen had attempted to steal it. Henry "Mutt" Jones III, Summer Tennyson, and Joseph "Milo" Milano went to Florida to find the Chalice before the Soviets did. In the climax, it is revealed that the Chalice was missing a gem and the gem was in the lining of Milo's hat. As Dr. Forshaw places the last gem on the Chalice, its supernatural powers are unleashed and a black hole appears, sucking up all of the Fountain's water, the Soviets, and the the walls that corners the fountain. Mutt, Summer, and Milo escape, as Forshaw and Agent Lowenbrau Gottlieb remain there. Gottlieb's heart is turned to stone and his body is last seen being sucked into the black hole. Forshaw begins to age rapidly and her brain goes on fire. She is then disintergrated and her scattered essence is then sucked into the black hole. Milo hid the Chalice in his hat as they escaped. It is then last seen in a museum back in America. Its first appearence is Mutt Williams and the Fertility Temple.

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