Ernst von Bick
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1896, Germany


1939, the Temple of Gan-Bernesh, India


A professional Nazi archaelogist working for the Third Reich

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Ernst von Bick was the major antagonist in Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Golden King. He was a rival archaelogist of Indiana Jones. One of his distinguishing features was that he used a monocle almost all the time.

Character history Edit

Little is known about the early life of von Bick, except that he was born in Germany in 1896 to a rich family. After growing up, he became an arcaelogist. In the year 1922 he became famous in Germany for finding some ancient vases made by the Aryans. After Adolf Hitler became the Fuehrer of Germany, von Bick presented the Aryan vases to him. This made him extra popular in his homeland. In 1939, von Bick was ordered to find the legendary Golden King, the sacred statue of the hindus' that was rumoured to contain awsome powers that could lead Germany into world domination. Von Bick ordered the SS Major Wernstrom to bring Indiana Jones to him. He demanded Indy to tell everything he knew about the King and the stones that could bring it alive. Indy refused and escaped the arms factory where he, George McHale and Susan Willis were interrogated. Next time von Bick met Indy in India, in the Temple of Gan-Bernesh, where the Golden King was kept. After awakening the King, he was gruesomely killed when the statue turned his body into sand and dust.

Trivia Edit

  • Von Bick's last name is a reference to Albrecth Von Beck, the main antagonist of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb.
  • Von Bick was originally based on Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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