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Emile Belloq
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  • Archaeologist
  • Lao Che
  • Satipo
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Indiana Jones
  • Marcus Brody
  • Abner Ravenwood
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Emile Belloq was a French Archaeologist and the rival of Indiana Jones.



Belloq was born in France. In 1935, he worked with Chinese gangster Lao Che to recover Peacock's Eye. Lao's men were rumored to have killed Indiana Jones above India. When Belloq arrived in India, he met a village of people. The village elder told Belloq about how Indiana Jones saved their village by destroying the Thuggee Cult and rescuing their children.

South America, 1936Edit

In 1936, Belloq learned of Indy's quest for the fertility idol in South America. Belloq was able to recruit a Peruvian spy named Satipo, who survived the temple with Indy. Belloq met Indy at the temple entrance along with the native Hovitos tribes. They forced Indy to surrender the idol. Belloq failed to notice Indy escape, but sent the Hovitos to go after him. Indy managed to escape in a boat driven by Jock Lindsey.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The name Emile comes from Rene Belloq's original name in the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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