Dr. Malvina Forshaw is the main antagonist in Mutt Williams and the Fertility Temple and is portrayed by Holly Madison.

Dr. Forshaw was a young scientist from the Soviet Union who was aided with Agent Lowenbrau Gottlieb and Noriko Watanabe to seek a Fertility Chalice that was hidden in the Fountain of Youth that was somewhere in the wilderness of Florida. She would seduce Mutt or Milo when they were captured. She has a rivalry on Summer. After she places the last gemstone from the lining of Milo's hat onto the Chalice, its supernatural powers conjure up a black hole which sucks up the Soviets as Mutt, Summer, and Milo escape. Forshaw remains and starts to age rapidly as her brain goes on fire. She dintergrates as her scattered essence gets sucked up into the black hole.

Forshaw is a twist between Rene Belleq from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Irina Spalko from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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