Dorothy Ridley is the main antagonist of Indiana Jones and bigrabthar's hammer.She is played by Fairuza Alejandra Balk.An agent of Communist cuba she was tasked by Fidel Castro to prevent Indiana Jones from getting Bigrabthar's hammer.She along with her henchmen Commander Cortez conveintently ran into Indiana during one of her horse races.She makes her intetions clear to prevent Indiana from getting Bigrabthar's hammer and thus not allowing him to spoil castro's plans of world domination.Indiana and his friend Sallah and Son Mutt tassle with Dorothy's henchmen defeating him.She than reveals to Indiana that she had the real bigrabthar's hammer all along.She than has her henchmen put Indiana in a jail cell.However the power of the hammer is too much as three of her henchmen have there necks brutally broken by the sheer power.She meets her end when the hammer causes her limbs to twist at impossible angles and she explodes in a mess of blood gore and bone