Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien
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The crystal skull was disected from the Roswell Alien

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The Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien is a crystal skull that was once dissected by Irina Spalko in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The alien's skull was a clue and said to be "the brother" of the Crystal Skull of Akator. Although both skulls looked similar, they both had different mysterious powers.


1947 Crash in Roswell, New Mexico

After World War 2, Indiana Jones was called in to investigate the crash of an UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. Once there, Indy and his crew found the dead alien and sterilized it in a steel box. The military then sent the Roswell alien to Hangar 51 to store it in there forever.

Later, after months of research, the military found out that many similar aliens crashed into earth in search of the missing thirteen skulls.

Body Stolen

Several years later, Soviet agent Irina Spalko stole the Roswell Alien from Hangar 51. She belived that it would take her closer to the thirteen missing crystal skulls. After dissecting part of the alien, she found the skull was crystal. She and her Soviet soldiers headed to South America to find one of the thirteen missing skulls.

After finding the missing Crystal Skull of Akator, she hid the alien body in a cave somewhere in Ilha Aramaca, Brazil.

Crystal Skull's Powers

One month later, the body was found by a Soviet spy, Alexei Daganov, and his soldiers. Alexei's plan was to use the crystal skull to help revive their dead Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin. Once the Roswell Alien was found, Indiana Jones and his son, Mutt, came to take back the Crystal Skull. Although Indy succeded in returning the Crystal Skull, it was stolen back by Alexei.

Alexei and his soldiers return to the Soviet Union to revive Stalin. Indy and Mutt try to stop the revival of Stalin but it was too late. The revival of Stalin didn't go as planned. Instead of reviving Stalin, the Soviets revive the alien. The alien then kills everyone with it's mysterious and magnetical powers except Colonel Ivan Dovchenko. Dovchenko becomes a mind zombie for the alien in order to take over the world. Both the alien and the Colonel were to destroy Indy and Mutt. The alien skeleton takes over Alexei Daganov's body and replaces it's head with Alexei's. Then, and only then, does the alien's power come fully operational.

The alien, now called the Stalinized Alien, has full control of Dovchenko to destroy mankind. But even the Stalinized Alien was no match for Indy and Mutt and was destroyed by being pushed into the The Forest Cutter. Now the Cystal Skull is locked back up in Hangar 51 hoping to lock its powers for good.


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