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Brad Ryan, born Bradley Richard Ryan, and later goes by the name William Paulson, claiming to be a brother of Kyle Paulson is an ex-United States Army Ranger, who was the enemy of Indiana Jones and his son, and grandson, Mutt and Rover in 2005.


Early life, and childhoodEdit

Teenage lifeEdit

Adulthood and new adventuresEdit


In 2001, Brad had one son, which he named John.

Treacherous SaviorEdit

In Treacherous Savior, Brad has turned into an apparent psychopathic murderer, who has seemed to have killed three people. Although this is later proved to be a lie told by one of Indy's oldest enemies.

During the adventure, while planning a trap for Indy, Mutt, and Rover, he is seen by a police officer, who alerts the family of treasure hunters. He quickly runs, and they, of course, give chase to the vile villain.

Mid-chase, Brad meets Brad Pitt after trying to steal a briefcase from him, to use as a weapon against his pursuers, although he has met the family celebrity, it was not on good terms, and has been added to his list of reasons to be arrested.

Brad barely escapes by jumping from a rooftop to another rooftop, leaving the aging men and the cops behind.

Later on in the adventure, Brad saves Rover's life, but Indy shoots him in the belly, and watches him fall four stories into the river. His apparent death haunts the minds of Indy, Mutt, and Rover.

After Treacherous SaviorEdit

Brad has survived the fall, and swims away towards freedom in his old hometown of New York City, New York. He then changes his name to William Paulson, and claims to be a brother of Kyle Paulson.



  • Brad is based on Brad Pitt, who fictionally, Brad met while running from Indy and Mutt.
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