Blake Thompson
Character information







His family, Motor-Bike Gang


Mutt, Nerds, and basically everyone else who stands in his way


Mutt's Arch-enemy, Bully, and boyfriend of Roxanne Beaumont

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Blake Thompson is a spoiled rich kid that is self centered, and believes himself to be above all others. His father, Frank Thompson, is an industrialist. Blake is from a family that came from England. He is what you would imagine as being a punk wearing black including a black leather jacket, and black leather boots. He also has a motorcycle and a large switchblade. He has a short temper and gets into trouble with the law a lot with his gang, though his overbearing father always bails him out to keep the family name good. Blake is a year older than Mutt. He has brown hair and brown eyes. When not in class he wears shades a lot.

Biography[edit | edit source]

He first met Mutt when Mutt tried to stop him from beating on a geeky kid named Glenn Wright, who became Mutt's friend and helps him in his classes. After their first meeting Mutt and Blake became arch-enemies. Mutt often gets into fights with Blake and the members of his gang. Blake first met Mutt the first day Mutt began to attend Marshall College.

He has his own Motorcycle which he thinks is better than Mutt's.

Love Life[edit | edit source]

Blake Thompson has been in a relationship with Roxanne Beaumont before Mutt started attending Marshal Collage.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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