Ben Murillo
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Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams




He knows some information about the Soviet Resurrection

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Ben Murillo has acquired some information on the whereabouts of the Soviets. He meets Indiana Jones and tries to convince him to go on another adventure to try to stop the Soviets from resurrecting one of the world's evilest leaders.



Ben Murillo is an agent for the CIA and deals in International Relations. The CIA sends him to find Indiana Jones and tell him that the Soviets are going to resurrect Stalin. He is also assigned to protect and guide Indiana Jones until they get to the Soviet Union. When he gets to the Soviet Union, ho goes undercover to gain more information on how the Soviets are going to resurrect Joseph Stalin.

Ben meets Indy

Ben Murillo finds Indiana Jones to tell him that the Soviets are trying to resurrect Joseph Stalin. No one knows how he got this information, except for the CIA. Indy declines the mission. But Ben and Mutt convince him into going on another adventure to try and stop the Soviet resurrection.

Trip to Soviet Union

Ben Murillo joins Mutt and Indy in their adventure to the Soviet Union. Although Ben is just there for the guidance, he won't be doing any fighting or action. Since Indiana, Mutt and Ben are American, they are not allowed anywhere close to the Soviet Union, especially after what happened in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They decide to go a different route. The three decide to go into the Soviet Union through Finland and reach Leningrad, a.k.a. St. Petersburg that way.On the airplane ride to Finland, Ben describes a brief history about Joseph's resurrection and artifacts. He said "(The Soviets) are using the Roswell Alien's Crystal Skull to help resurrect Stalin". Indy was confused and surprised to find out that the Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien was stolen after he rescued it.

Once the three reach Leningrad, Indy and Mutt head their separate ways while Ben enjoys the Russian vacation.


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