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  • Indiana Jones
  • Marcus Brody
  • Jock Lindsey


  • Emile Belloq
  • Satipo
  • Barranca

Alternate Universe, also known as Indiana Jones Alternate Universe is a game series developed by User:Yodakenobi and is similar to his Star Wars Alternate Universe.

Plot SummaryEdit

Henry Walton Jones Jr., also known as Indiana Jones, is a famous archaeologist in search of famous artifacts. The story starts in the jungles of South America in 1936. Indy is with a group of Peruvians, most notably Satipo and Barranca. The group walks through the jungle when one of the guides is killed by a Hovitos poisonous dart. The second is scared off by bats in an ancient statue and falls into a ditch, followed by echoes. Indy, Satipo, and Barranca continue until Barranca tries to kill Indy with his pistol. Indy used the whip to pull the gun out of the traitor's hands and sent Barranca fleeing into the jungles. Indy and Satipo enter the hidden temple and encounter many spiders and discover the remains of one of Indy's rivals Forrestal. They recover the golden idol, but set off many traps. After escaping the temple and a giant boulder, Indy and Satipo make it out alive, only to learn that Satipo was a traitor and was working with Indy's other nemesis, Emile Belloq. Belloq, Satipo, and the Hovitos force Indy to surrender the idol. As Belloq flashes the idol to the Hovitos, Indy flees. Satipo alerts Belloq and sends Hovitos to kill Indy. Indy makes it out alive, thanks to the boat driven by Jock Lindsey. However, Indy is disgusted by Jock's pet snake Reggie in the boat and states how he hates snakes.


(In order of appearance) (Characters so far)

  • Indiana Jones (First Appearance)
  • Satipo (First Appearance)
  • Barranca (First Appearance)
  • Unidentified Jungle Guide (First Appearance)
  • Unidentified Jungle Escort (First Appearance)
  • Unidentified Thuggee Priest (First Mentioned)
  • Emile Belloq
  • Lao Che (First Mentioned)
  • Unidentified Chinese Pilot (First Mentioned)
  • Unidentified Chinese Co-Pilot (First Mentioned)
  • Jock Lindsey
  • Reggie
  • Herman Mueller (First Mentioned)
  • Garth Fedora (First Mentioned)
  • Henry Walton Jones Sr. (First Mentioned)
  • Unidentified Sheriff (First Mentioned)
  • Anna Mary Jones (First Mentioned)
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