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'''Alexei Daganov''' ([ Russian:] Без перевода) is a Soviet spy from [ Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection].
|name=Alexei Daganov
|home=Soviet Union
|allies=[[Ivan Dovchenko]], [ Joseph Stalin], Soviet soldiers
|enemies=[ Indiana Jones], [ Mutt Jones], [[Ben Murillo]]
|notes=A spy for the Soviets
'''Alexei Daganov''' ([ Russian:] Алексейй Даганов) is a Soviet spy from [[ Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection]].
== Biography ==
=== Early Years ===
Alexei Daganov first started out as a spy during World War 2. He has completed many missions and succeeded in bringing the Soviet Union to victory many times.
During one of his missions, Alexei was in Germany to stop the [ 1953 East German Uprising riot]. He fought and killed many German rioters along side with German and Soviet soldiers. The uprising did not end well for Alexei. As he was trying to stop the roit, one of the rioters took his right eye out when he wasn't looking. Alexei had many battle scars during his early years as a spy, but none of them were permanent like his right eye.
=== Soviet Resurrection ===
He and Colonel [[Ivan Dovchenko]] are on the search to find the [[Crystal Skull of Roswell Alien]] to resurrect their Soviet Leader, [ Joseph Stalin.]
== Appearences ==
*''[[ Indiana Jones and the Soviet Resurrection]]''
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