Alan Sarvo is a scottish buisnessman and main antagonist of Indiana Jones and the secret of Eden[Which takes place in 1964] he is portrayed by Sean Bean.Sarvo was born to a scottish father and german mother.He always had things handed to him.One day in 1958 a 36 year old Alan saw his parents coldly executed by the hovitos.He thanked them and joined them in their plans to obtain the Rib of eden,A mythical object which could grant the holder immortality.He then realizes his father's friend Indiana is the only one that could lead them to it.So he puts a plan into motion and decides to kidnap Wille Scott's Daughter Trembalina.This enrages Indiana who doesn't realize this is just a ruse so that Sarvo can force him to take him to the rib of eden.He than kidnaps Indiana and strong-arms him into taking them to the rib of eden.They eventually find it but things go wrong.As indiana leaves The rib of eden glows and shurikens spout forward and impale Sarvo's body while the hovitos face melt.

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